Around the World in 80 Portraits
Thierry Predhom
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Exactly as movie directors simulate a frame with their hands to understand what the spectator will see, I wanted to make portraits of normal people, like you and me, with their distinct traits, their clothes and their world, their reality in the background. These people are each the directors of their own life, committing to impact their personal life, the lives of their families, friends and communities, and indirectly, on a larger scale, the world around us.

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World Patchwork. Everydaylife people contributing to change the world

About the author

Thierry Predhom

Thierry Predhom, 39, French-born, has lived in 7 different countries and resides in Vevey, Switzerland since 2016. « I was always passionate about photography and audiovisual arts. In this hyper-connected world, dominated by the beauty diktat and the constant war of « likes » and « more » on social networks, I set out with my wife for a world tour in 2015 with this idea of unity and universality, crossing more than 30 countries on 4 continents, to capture the natural and unique beauty of each subject, in their worlds, their daily lives. »

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