What's new with Dashbook

Dashbook is a collaborative publishing house which gives back power to writers and readers.

After a first selection by our editorial board , we publish the books which readers love : writers use our platform to submit their works to the public. If 100 readers (minimum threshold decided by the author) pre-order the book, we publish it and ship it. Otherwise, the book is not published and readers don't pay anything. The pre-order process is also free for the author : he does not have to pay anything to submit his work to the public and be published.

Dashbook pays writers 5 to 10 times more than a traditional publisher by sharing publishing rights equally. When even confirmed writers have trouble getting 5% to 10% in authors' rights from their traditional publisher, we reward them them up to 50% !

Thanks to you, new talented writers are discovered and published. You can reveal the next stars : did you know that J.K Rowling and E.L James were refused by dozens of publishers before publishing Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey ? You are the best ones to know what you like and what is worth publishing.

DashBook for writers

We give you access to our platform to set up your goals, follow pre-orders and sales in real-time. You keep the power on your work by publishing the extracts you choose on the website.

We publish your book once the pre-order goal is met : it is then published and shipped to readers. We also distribute your book online and in physical bookstores. Dashbook is free for you : we are not a self-publishing house. Your book is published because the public loves it.

You keep 50% of publishing rights. You can follow sales in real-time on the platform and we pay you regularly : obscure and complex accounting is over !

Dashbooks give you back the power and direct contact with your readers : we publish your work and help you you get a real living from your talent !

Dashbook for readers

Help us discover the next star authors : you access extracts from the books whose pre-order campaign has started and you choose to buy them if you like them.

You don't take any risk : if the book is not backed by enough readers, it is not published and you don't pay anything. If the publishing goal is met, we publish it, print it and send it to you !

Get rewards for the books you order and for the authors you discover : if the writer you have chosen goes on selling many books, we reward you !

With Dashbook, discover fascinating books, publish and reward authors !